Wilwood Hydraulic Brake Pedal Assembly

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Wilwood single brake pedal box assembly, these swing mount models with forward facing master cylinders, enable the separate mounting of a brake pedal, typically used with a single master cylinders in a forward facing position, often outside the firewall.

They features a lightweight aluminum frame, with high strength reinforced I-Beam style forged 7:1 ratio pedal. The non-skid waffled pedal pad can be laterally adjusted for driver preference or clearance as necessary.

The master cylinders are fitted and connected with a clevis pin, for a bind free operation through the entire range of travel. We offer a wide variety of Wilwood master cylinders, with a range of bore sizes available.

  • High quality lightweight aluminium pedal assembly frame
  • Often firewall mounted to keep hydraulics out of the cockpit
  • High strength forged I-Beam arms with adjustable foot pads