RHP ECG Series 30mm Bearings

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RHP Bearings
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RHP 30mm heavy duty rear axle bearings, self lubricated, housed bearing inserts are suited to 30mm diameter jackshaft and driven axle bearings. They feature a spherical outside diameter, with a re-greasable outer ring and hardened eccentric collar lock.

Locked securely onto the rear axle using two allen grub screws. Easy to fit and replace, designed for mounting onto the chassis using either two or three bolt bearing flangette plates and our own chassis mounting brackets.

Priced individually, sold in pairs

  • Insert type: ECG (Eccentric Collar Greasable)
  • Shaft diameter: 30mm
  • Outside diameter: 62mm
  • Inner race width: 35.68mm
  • Outer race width: 16mm
  • Maximum speed: 5300rpm
  • Dynamic load rating: 19500Nm
  • Static load rating: 11300Nm