Weld-on Chassis Mount Tab 3/8" Hole

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Weld-on steel chassis tabs for attaching at right angles to a 1.50" (38.1mm) tubular chassis. Precision fabricated with a 3/8" id hole, manufactured in mild steel and designed to be welded onto round chassis tubing, supplied in bare metal ready for welding onto your chassis.

Thickness: 0.1250" (3.18mm), height 2.21" (30.76mm), width: 1.032" (26.21mm)

Priced individually

  • Attaches at 90 to 1.50" (38.1mm) chassis tubes
  • Pressed from 1/8" (3.18mm) steel, ready to weld
  • Hole size 3/8" (6.34mm), width 1.032" (26.21mm)