Warranty Policy

Warranty returns are also a bit of an alien process to us and we offer no warranty on most products (see our 'Trading Terms' for more details), but all products where normal consumer warranties would apply, will apply and will be clearly stated. Should a warranty issue arise, in the first instance you will need to return the product to us for investigation.

Return Process - Please Follow these Simple Guidelines

OK it looks like there is a valid Warranty issue. Having discussed the issues with you , we're in agreement and therefore ask you to return the item(s) and we've confirmed they are not SPO products.

Next, package up the product(s) with care, ideally as close as how they were received and send back to our company address. We recommend you send parcels back to us using a 'Trackable' or 'Signed For' service, just so you can verify we've received it/them back safely?

We will forward it/them to the manufacturer for investigation under warranty and await the outcome. Whatever the outcome, the manufacturers decision will be final, we make no decisions ourselves. If they confirm there is a fault and the warranty claim is upheld, under the law, they may have the right to repair or replace the product for you.

Irrespective of this, at this point we will compensate you for the cost of returning the item(s) to us (upto the value of the original delivery cost) and confirm that the repaired or replacement new item will be sent to you without any freight cost to you.

If the manufacturer decides to replace the product, we will give you the right to just cancel this part of your original order and receive a refund for the relative part/parts, as you may have lost faith in the product and decided you don't really want another. However this is very unlikely to ever be the case as we try extremely hard to only offer products that are totally reliable and dependable, making the likelihood of ever needing to be returned unrealistic, but for your peace of mind the process is in place to deal with such an issue.

In very unusual cases a manufacturer might agree to make a concession or goodwill gesture. This can happen for example where you have had/used the majority of the life of a product, for example a Tyre, it might fail in some way, but be obvious that you have used 75% of the tread depth without any issues. They therefore might offer 50% back or 50% off new tyres, in these cases, which are very rare, we will work with both parties to try and come to a mutually acceptable agreement for you.

Please rest assured we'll always sort things out one way or another!