Topran M10x1 Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

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Topran hydraulic brake light switch with an M10 x 1 metric fine male thread, these high quality German made switches are used within the hydraulic braking circuit and are operated when pressure builds when applying the brakes. Once the switch is made, the electrical circuit is complete and the brake lights are illuminated.

This type of switch is much more reliable than the pedal activated type switch and feature an M10 x 1 male thread. Perfect for fitting into a 3 or 4 way brake t-piece using some PTFE tape or hydraulic thread sealant.

Priced each

  • Metric hydraulic brake light switch
  • Simply fit into a 4 way metric t-piece
  • Switch operated by brake line pressure
  • Features an M10 x 1 metric male thread
  • Fit with some PTFE tape / thread sealant
  • More reliable than pedal type switches