Odyssey Extreme Racing PC925 Battery

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Odyssey Extreme PC925 racing battery (ER35) offers phenomenal starting power, combined with massive deep cycle reserve power, this is due to the revolutionary construction with much thinner plates, manufactured from 99.99% pure virgin lead.

With almost twice the number of plates and double the surface area, these batteries are able to produce 2 to 3 times the cranking power of a conventional battery and all this technology is all kept safe in a rugged moulded casing.

The acid in these AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries, is stored in between each plate, these batteries can be mounted any way up, with no spillage. The design protects against vibration and shock, rendering them a superb choice for motorsport and off road use.

Rechargable in 4-6 hours, can be stored for upto 2 years without charge, with a typical 3-10 years service life, depending on the use.

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  • Ideal in high capacity competition cars
  • Non spillable and mounting any way up
  • Rechargable within 4-6 hours from flat