Latest Rage 5/8" x 36 Spline UJ

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Latest Rage
Product Details

Latest Rage equal 5/8" x 36 spline universal joint, more affordable mid range universal joints that have proved to be reliable and push straight onto the splined shaft of any compatible steering rack or steering column component.

They feature equal female 5/8" x 36 splined bores and are simply clamped into place using a 5/16" or 8mm locking bolt / nut as shown.

Perfect for use with our range of splined steering column stub shafts, great to make up your own off road buggy steering column.

Popular for use on small and lightweight off road buggies, karts and golf carts. Finished with a protective, durable black painted coating.

Priced each

  • Reliable, cost effective universal joints
  • For lightweight buggies, karts and golf carts
  • Universal joints with 5/8" x 36 spline ends
  • Finished with a durable black paint coating
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