Goodridge Plated 20˚ Side JIC Banjo

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Goodridge 20˚ side extended neck banjo fittings, these banjo fittings feature the 20˚ angle at 90˚ to the flat faces of the banjo hole. Configured to suit -03 hose with a 10mm hole to suit -03 or M10 banjo bolts.

Suitable for brake and clutch lines, for use with Goodridge 600 or 700 series PTFE lined hose. With a cost effective zinc plated steel for corrosion resistance, reusable with new Goodridge brass olives, buy some HERE.

Priced individually

  • -03 hose (3.5mm bore), -04 hose (5.0mm bore)
  • Great for custom brake and clutch hose creation
  • Suitable for performance or motorsport vehicles
  • Reassemble & reuse with a new Goodridge olive

FITTING: [noun] - a part that you always attach a hose or pipe to, enabling it to be connected to another component, either directly or via an adaptor.

600 Series Reusable Fittings

  • The body seals to the hose using an olive and socket as shown
  • Replacement olives and sockets are available separately