Latest Rage 8.5" Thin Line Steering Rack

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Latest Rage 8.5'' Thin Line Steering Rack

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Incoming, 10-40 days  

Incoming, 10-40 days

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Latest Rage

Latest Rage Thin Line 8.5" wide steering rack, with a 5/8" x 36 spline shaft. Made in Taiwan, these products are a copy of the original USA made Stiletto product, but at less than half the price. They are however very popular in lightweight go-karts, sand rails, buggies, SAE Formula and racing lawn mowers. If you have a heavier 4 cylinder powered machine, we'd recommend a heavier duty type of rack or to buy the genuine Stiletto product.

These racks measure 8 1/2" from eye to eye and weigh approximately 2 lb 6oz. The rack will move 1.25" from center to lock, total lateral travel of 2.5" lock to lock. Distance between the 2 mounting holes is 1 5/16" and the body width and depth is 2", with an overall height of 3" including the pinion shaft.

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  • Supplied with Female Rod End Bearings
  • Used on Off Road Buggies and Golf Carts
  • Cost Effective for Lightweight Vehicles
  • Replacement Rod Ends and Gaiters Stocked
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