3J Driveline Aluminium English Rear Diff Housing

3J Driveline Aluminium English Rear Diff Housing
 3J Driveline Aluminium English Rear Diff Housing3J Driveline Aluminium English Rear Diff Housing 

Our Price:  £385.00(£462.00 Inc. VAT)


Special order, 3-28 days  

Special order, 3-28 days

Part Number:  3J0473
Housing Material:  LM25 Aluminium Alloy
Weight Saving:  5kg+ Lighter than OEM Steel

3J Driveline

Lightweight rear differential carrier housing, manufactured and supplied for us by 3J Driveline. These high quality castings are finished in LM25 aluminium alloy, heat treated, then precision machined ready to accept your standard or limited slip type differential. The installation and setup of your differential is a specialised job and it's essential to have this done correctly, to ensure a long service life for the whole assembly. Contact us if you need your differential re-building or building into a new casing. Supplied bare with end caps and main clamping bolts, this unit weighs just 2.94kg, that's over 5kg lighter than the original Ford diff housing.

Priced Each

  • Over 5kg Lighter than an OEM Escort Housing
  • Highest Quality LM25 Alloy Housing on the Market
  • Supplied Bare with Main Caps and Clamping Bolts
  • Ask about Professional LSD Assembly into this Housing